Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reaping what we Sow

It is so funny how when you decide to sit down and write something nothing seems to come to mind about what you want to write...Writers Block.  I will start with lessons learned today while at church that I appreciated.  We had some incredible talks about the 'Law of the Harvest' or 'Reaping what we Sow'.  Both of the brothers in the stake used applications as in physical aspects like losing weight or spiritual aspects of gaining Christlike attributes.  If we want to lose weight, then there are things we have to do to obtain that like eating healthier food, portioning, and consistently exercising.  This all makes sense, of course.  If we want to gain a spiritual attribute you can study the scriptures on that attribute, pray for strength to know how to apply it and JUST DO IT.  I think just do it applies to everything.  No excuses.  One of them mentioned that 'consistency and practice' will bring true results or obedience to certain laws will bring forth the blessings. 

Now for applying the physical aspect in my life:  Since my hospital visit last July I haven't had the capacity to exercise like I want to and not walking all around campus like I used to, I gained probably a good 20 pounds.  That was disheartening.  I consider it my married "freshman 15" now that I am settled, not in school and just working.  I set a goal at the beginning of the year to start exercising two days a week for 15 minutes to start out just to get me going.  It takes that much just to get me motivated especially in the winter time.  I prefer exercising outside, but usually we have snow on the ground in January.  Fortunately, it had been quite a dry winter.  I found a workout video on Netflix which was helping me accomplish my goal and a couple of doors down my new friend Clair wanted to go walking and so we started that on Saturdays.  She was an answer to prayers.  Now I work out two days a week and sometimes three, but I alternate what I do and it's fun.  I also have more energy to do it for about 50 minutes now.  For me, my exercising is to remain healthy throughout my life so I can serve the Lord at my fullest.  I am learning and know that to lose or maintain weight is a consistent effort on our part and definitely not something that will happen overnight. 

As for spiritual matters, something I am working on is giving others the benefit of the doubt.  A person I admire and I am pretty amazed by is my husband Josh.  He doesn't seem to get too upset about anything and lets things roll off or he is pretty good at giving others the benefit of the doubt especially me.  A key thing that has helped me is prayer, and being aware of the situation as well as thinking about how I am going to act then react.  I am not perfect at it yet, but over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a small change.  Again, through consistent effort and practice these things will help us to reap what we truly desire to sow.          

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beginnings of Everything

It has been since the beginning of the year that I have wanted to start a blog but was not sure how.  Josh and I both like to cook and try new things, and we made a goal at the beginning of the year to make Asian dishes.  I wished that we had documented some of them, but we hadn't.  So today is the beginning of a new day to try new things.  I saw my cousin Courtney Aitken's blog today and it inspired me to just do it.  So here goes....